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Teresa Sampsonia(1589–1668) was a noblewoman of the Safavid Empireof Iran. She was born into a noble Orthodox ChristianCircassianfamily and grew up in Isfahanin the Iranian royal court. In 1608 she married the ElizabethanEnglish adventurer Robert Shirley, who attended the Safavid court in an effort to forge an alliance against the neighbouring Ottoman Empire. She accompanied him on the Persian embassy to Europe (1609–15), where he represented the Safavid king Abbas the Great. She was received by many of the royal houses of Europe, including the English prince Henry Frederickand Queen Anne, who were her son's godparents. The historian Thomas Herbertconsidered Robert Shirley "the greatest Traveller of his time", but admired the "undaunted Lady Teresa" even more. Following the death of her husband from dysenteryin 1628, she left Iran and lived in a convent in Romefor the rest of her life. (Full article...) Recently featured:Benty Grange helmetAlodiaÆthelberht, King of Wessex


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Vár is a goddessof promisesand agreementsin Norse mythology. She listens to people that make agreements with one another. She also punishes those that break their promises and contracts. Vár is described in the Poetic Eddaand the Prose Edda. The contracts that Vár makes are called varar. Her name means 'pledge' or 'beloved'. This short articleabout religioncan be made longer. You can help Wikipedia by adding to it.


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